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Opening Day is November 24th from 12-5pm


Weekday Hours 12-5pm

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Heres what you can look forward to again for this year-

1) We will be accepting Credit cards at checkout.

2) Sweetie's Christmas Shoppe will be loaded with all new holiday decor for you to choose from.
3) Santa plans to make his visit from the north pole for another Christmas season.

Why should you purchase a REAL Christmas Tree?

    Real trees are a natural product. Every tree that gets cut down or dug up gets replaced with a new sapling every spring. Real trees give off a pine fragrance in the house that an artificial tree cannot.  People believe that real trees are more expensive than artificial christmas trees. This is not correct as artificial trees can be very costly and they get placed in a landfill normally in 3-4 years.  In the long run, real trees cost less and are more economical.  Artificial trees are made from pvc plastic and metal.  Artificial trees will never decompose into the earth.  Plus most artificial trees are imported from another country.  Our Christmas trees are grown right here on our farm in the good old USA!